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The choice of a school is an important step. Here are answers to some questions that can help you in taking this step, and in case of need one of our Educational Consultants will be glad to give you more advice.


Why is World International School of Torino different?

World International School of Torino is a new frontier in the international education sector because it combines more than fifty years of experience in the sector with innovation and cutting-edge digital technology all this set within an ultramodern boarding campus equipped with all comforts and the highest quality standards.

What curriculum does WINS offer?

World International School of Torino is inspired by the utmost globally recognized international programs that supports ​​the path of each child and student with effective teaching methods, rigorous standards and customizable content. For more insights visit our programs.

How is the Faculty chosen?

All members of the World International School of Torino Faculty are teachers and are all qualified native speakers with international backgrounds. Only those teachers and professionals who show an exceptional motivation for teaching and developing talents become part of the WINS Faculty after a strict selection process.

Which is better an Italian school or an international school?

Clearly, the answer depends on the priorities and preferences of the family and the student. Objectively, World International School of Torino gives added value to the classical teaching approach thanks to a unique mix of: multicultural context, top-quality international programs, complementary extra-curricular activities, a highly selected Faculty, an innovative and digital Methodology, special attention to customer care and communication with families, educational insight according to the student’s specific needs (e.g. additional foreign languages, workshops on current issues, etc …) and much more. For more information contact the Academic Coordinator: info@worldinternationalschool.com.

How is the Italian program developed and the issue of Scholastic Parity dealt with?

WINS is registered as an international school on Italian soil, recognized by the Ministry of Education and inspired by the International Baccalaureate (IB) programs. Our choice is to be consistent with the nature of an international school while still supporting the study of Italian language and culture.
Therefore at WINS Italian classes are structured following the guidelines provided by the Italian Ministery for Education for regular Italian schools. The time allocated to Italian ensures full command of the written and spoken language, but also facilitates the study of Italian literature and culture.
The Italian curriculum is structured  to provide students with the necessary skills and competencies in case of need to transfer into an Italian public school. With respect to any choice to transfer into the Italian curriculum, upon request WINS will prepare students for the Terza Media exam.
This ensures Italian students have the opportunity to develop a global perspective while preserving local culture and content.
For any further clarification book an appointment with the Academic Coordinator: info@worldinternationalschool.com.

How is communication between families and school organized?

At WINS a constant exchange of feedback between us and the Students’ Families is paramount, as is communication with the students themselves.  At World International School of Torino we have prescribed formal feedback moments every term but we also encourage an informal constructive exchange between school and family whenever necessary. If you would like to leave feedback or talk directly to a WINS manager, please contact us.

Are there sports and extra-curricular activities?

At World International School of Torino extra-curricular activities and sports are an integral part of the child’s and student’s mental and physical development. To find out more, visit our Extra-Activities page.

Does the school organize a transport service?

Yes, upon request World International School of Torino provides a bus pick-up service. For more information: info@worldinternationalschool.com

Does the school provide counseling and psychological support?

Yes, the school provides counseling and psychological support on request. For further information and inquiries please contact us directly

Is there specific support for children / students with Special Educational Needs?

Yes, the interactive didactic of WINS facilitates a personalized management of the contents according to the needs and aptitudes of students. Ask our Team for the specific Policy.

When does the school year begin and end? How long is a school day?

The academic year begins the first week of September and ends at the end of June. The yearly school calendar is devised in the late spring and the school community is informed through the website.  For more information: admissions@worldinternationalschool.com.
The school day starts between 8.30 and 9.00 and curricular activities finish at 16.00. Extra-curricular activities are organized on demand between 16.00 and 18.00. The school week is from Monday to Friday. For more information: info@worldinternationalschool.com.

Is there an Extra-Caring service in the mornings and evenings?

Yes, WINS provides an extra welcoming service from 7.30 to 8.30 and after 16.00 for families who need it.

How important is the safety at school?

Of course safety is the basis of everyday life at WINS. Therefore we guaranteed day and night security surveillance service so students and their families are sure of living their educational and life experience in total security at World International School of Torino.

What is the annual fee and what does it include?

To find out more about fees, you can contact us, or you can download the fees here.

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