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At WINS, we celebrate student voices and foster an environment where they are shaped and heard. The Voice of WINS captures the best of those voices and collectively expresses the school’s ethos of diversity, imagination, and global responsibility. The magazine is comprised of student journalists from the MYP and DP programs who together uphold the standards of a free press and literary journal. Issues are published quarterly and can be read in print and online. In an age when students often feel overwhelmed by information, we strive to create a product that demonstrates the value of every individual voice.

Welcome to the Voice of WINS!

Columns featured in the Voice of WINS:

• World News Commentary
• Regional and Local News
• Academic Reports
• Popular Culture
• Science and Technology
• Sport
• Art and Creativity
• Television and Film
• Fictional Series
• Graphic Art
• Photography
• Crossword

Voice of Wins

Volume 1

Voice of Wins

Volume 2

Voice of Wins

Volume 3

Voice of Wins

Volume 4

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