WINS Open Days

Photo Credits: Elisa Rossetto Ph




5 days, 10 guests, 5 topics of discussion


In partnership with TEDxTorino and in collaboration with: Fondazione Agnelli, J medical, Lions Club Torino Crocetta Duca D’Aosta, Koelliker Hospital of Turin, Sci Club Sestiere


Did you miss some of the online meetings?

No problem! You can find them here below: 

Monday, 7th September – “Learning disability and online learning” with the specialists of the Koelliker Hospital of Turin and the specialists of WINS

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Tuesday, 8th September  “Parents’ challenges before and after the lockdown”, with Miguel Angel Belletti and Elasti alias Claudia de Lillo

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Wednesday, 9th September – “Bullying, cyberbullying and cybersecurity”, with Maria Alessandra Parigi, President of Lions Club Torino Crocetta Duca D’Aosta and the engineer Mr. Renato Albano

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Thursday, 10th September – “Digital Education between accessibility and inclusion“ with Andrea Gavosto, President of the Fondazione Agnelli and Francesco Ronchi, CEO of Synesthesia

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Friday, 11th September – “Sports and health education” with the Health Director of J medical, Mr. Luca Semperboni and Simona Novara, Communication manager of Sci club Sestriere

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Note: All meetings were held in Italian


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