Evalutation Results 2024

WINS is pleased to share the outstanding results of our recent International Baccalaureate (IB) evaluation process, which are summarized in the conclusions of the Evaluation Report:

The school benefits from a strong leadership team, supported by passionate teachers who are committed to lifelong learning. The supportive school environment supports a culture of collaboration and trust. The school has strategically revised its leadership structures and systems to ensure it can successfully support effective programme implementation and sustainability.

The school identified, developed, and successfully implemented programme development plans that focused on developing a coherent curriculum continuum for the MYP and DP and on developing collaborative planning structures for the PYP teachers to support the development of collaborative transdisciplinary learning and teaching in the PYP.

The school continues its long-standing commitment to IB philosophy.”

(Evaluation report, May 2024)

These achievements underscore our unwavering commitment to the IB philosophy and our continuous pursuit of excellence in education. We are incredibly proud of our community’s hard work and dedication, which have led to these commendable outcomes.

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