Saturday 6 March from 2pm to 6pm


Become a scientist for a day and test yourself in over 10 labs!

The Science & Tech Day organized by WINS – World International School of Turin is back again this year, the long-awaited event for little scientists between 5 and 13 years old who want to try engaging experiments and make exciting discoveries.

Many experiments and partners will join the initiative, starting from the WINS teachers, who will hold the experiments in English, to combine language and science in an afternoon of fun and learning.

Special guest of the event, Marco Martinelli alias @marcoilgiallino, science communicator and influencer with over 170,000 followers on TikTok, who brings children closer to science every day through his social profiles and who will surprise the public with the extraction of DNA from strawberries


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At 14 - AIRxperiment

Presented by: WINS – Mr. Gianluca Sinico

Age: 6-13

Experiment: let’s discover the principles of physics by playing with the air

Language: English

Ingredients: a ping pong ball, tape, thin thread, a hairdryer, 3/4 thick thread (50 cm), a straw and an A4 paper

At 14:30 - small home garden

Presented by: PERAGA GARDEN CENTER one of the largest garden centers in Italy

Age: 5-13

Experiment: they will guide the children in the construction of a small home garden – plant, water and taste!

Language: Italian

Ingredients: a wooden box – also a re-used one -, scissors, a shovel, thick nylon or a robust black garbage bag, a mix of clay and soil to create the base, BIO soil, BIO fertilizer, aromatic plants of your choice (quantity suitable for the size of the box chosen), 2/3 flower pots (primroses, daffodils …)

At 15 - singing germs

Presented by: OSPEDALINO KOELLIKER of Torino

Age: 5-10

ExperimentLet’s learn the importance of hand hygiene. A short and simple introduction to microbiology to understand how hands are normally contaminated with microbes. This is followed by an interactive and musical meeting to learn when and how to wash your hands properly.

Language: Italian

Ingredients: a bottle of alcoholic gel

At 15 - virtual LEGO | Click here to participate

Dedicated Zoom Room for the workshop -> Register here! 

Presented by: BRICKS 4 KIDZ®– American company specialized in teaching scientific subjects with Lego®

Age: 11-13

Experiment: let’s virtually create a Lego® project by using a software based on CAD logic with an extraordinary palette of bricks and colors to create infinite creations. In particular, this workshop will be dedicated to the design of a fantastic tree house!

Language: Italian 

At 15:30 - magic experiments

Presented by: WINS – Ms. Katharine Tracey 

Age: 5-11  

Experiments: let’s use milk and cocoa powder in two magic experiments! 

Language: English

Ingredients: milk (must be either Whole or 2%), food coloring (the more colors the better), dish soap, shallow dish or bowl, milk or water, tea cup, spoon, cocoa powder, toothpick 

At 16 - let's play with Science!

Presented by: YGA, YOUNG GURU ACADEMYis a non-profit association that supports young university students to develop competence but also social awareness and self-awareness through the practice and dissemination of STEAM subjects.

Age: 5-13

Experiments: UnoDueTre SCIENZA – playing with science, carrying out two experiments with material available at home.

Language: English

Ingredients: a glass (better if narrow and tall), soap, water, oil, alcohol, two bottles, baking soda, vinegar and a candle

At 16:30 - DNA extraction from strawberries

Presented by: Marco Martinelli alias @marcoilgiallino science communicator and influencer with over 170,000 followers on TikTok

Age: 5-13

ExperimentWhat do all living things have in common? The DNA!
Plants have a particular characteristic: while humans have two copies of DNA in each cell (one inherited from the father and the other from the mother), many plants have a greater number of these copies. The strawberry, for example, has 8 copies of DNA. During this experience we will extract DNA from strawberries and understand why plants have increased the amount of DNA inside them. We will discover that nature is amazing and always comes out of the box!

Language: Italian

IngredientsFresh strawberries, a plastic bag (such as bags used for storing food in the fridge), dish soap, salt, water, a narrow mesh strainer for filtering, food ethanol (or even the pink one used for cleansing) that has to be put in the freezer to cool at least 2 hours before the lab, a glass and eyebrow tweezers (or, alternatively, a fork).

At 17 - a rib cage in a plastic bottle

Presented by: RESPIRAIREItalian company specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep breathing disorders.

Age: 5-13

Experiment: let’s discover how the process of breathing works by building a rib cage inside a plastic bottle

Language: Italian

Ingredients: One plastic bottle with cap, two straws, three balloons (one large and two small), two rubber bands, scissors, quick-set glue, adhesive tape

At 17:30 -technological challenges

Presented by: WINS – Mr. Marko Kronfeld

Age: 5-13

Experiments: let’s challenge ourselves in building the tallest paper tower, a hovercraft and a balloon-powered toy car

Language: English

Ingredients: sheets of paper and tape, a full and closed can, a CD, adhesive tape/glue, a plastic bottle, an inflatable balloon, cardboard/cardboard roll/plastic bottle, adhesive tape/glue, another inflatable balloon, straws/skewer sticks, 4 plastic bottle caps


NOTES: * The presence of an adult is always required for each experiment.

** To participate in the workshop held at 15:00 by BRICKS 4 KIDZ® it is necessary to access the dedicated Zoom Room -> Register here


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